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FlySpace the first project which i intend to complete fully and launch to the market. It is a Space exploration game with survival elements. There are many things i want to implement but not sure where to start. This devlog is to outline and organize my thoughts. 

I had to gain a couple extra skills to reach my desired outcome. I need character models so i learned the basics of Blender and started to build character models. I also tried to outline the map of the world. This proved to be a bit of a challenge. I visualize what i want the game to be and also try to integrate the story into the gameplay. 

My goal is to make the player feel invested in the world.  I have been looking at a lot of story building videos and learning tools to write a great story. The FlySpace Universe is huge and has to be populated with relateable characters. Coming up with a compelling story is harder than i thought but i think i may be on the right track.

Outline of Updates

  • Character Models
    • New Main Character Model
    • New Enemy Models
  • New Levels 
    • Acid Level
    • The Hive
  • New Features
    • Player Control and View and Zoom
    • New User Interface for Speed and Zoom.
    • Game Title on Screen
    • Checkpoint and Spawn Stations.
  • New Welcome Screen
    • User Interface to Sign up and log in.
  • Save Game System
  • Economic System
    • New Items
    • Merchants to sell items
  • Crafting System
    • New Items
    • New Blueprints
    • New Weapons

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